EuroHealthNet invites tenders from Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies in order to establish a framework agreement for 4 years for the provision of ICT services from 2018 to 2021.

EuroHealthNet is a not-for-profit partnership of national, regional and local agencies responsible for health promotion and disease prevention in Europe and for reducing health inequalities between and within countries of Europe

ICT Services will be required to manage the computer network, provide ICT-related technical assistance to the staff, and propose technical solutions to modernize the computer system and network.

EuroHealthNet is involved in several Joint Actions for which it is in charge of communications and dissemination. EuroHealthNet also receives an Operating Grant from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) and is involved in different projects addressing health, wellbeing and equity in Europe.

Who can tender

Tenders are invited from suitably qualified experienced individuals and organisations that have a track record in providing ICT services. Based on the offers received, EuroHealthNet will establish a panel of preferred suppliers who meet the evaluation criteria.

Specification of Requirements

The EuroHealthNet computer infrastructure is as follows:

  • One email and file server (HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Server) running Windows Small Business Server Essentials and Microsoft Exchange
  • One Managed Virtual Private Server with Debian 8 OS and a Plesk interface for the hosting of a website and our CRM
  • 15 workstations running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2010
  • 5 laptops running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2010
  • 1 workstation for teleconferences
  • VOIP telephone system
  • Carbonite backup software for server and workstations
  • Local-Area Network & Wide-Area Network
  • Out-of-office access using remote desktop connections

Maintenance services required:

The ICT service-provider will maintain the existing hardware and software infrastructure up-to-date and functional (configuration, customisation, updated, cleaned, etc.). It will ensure that the servers, workstations and laptops are all running and communicating correctly, that all the software is up-to-date and that files and information are all backed-up. It will provide help-desk support to the staff so that IT issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

The service-provider will ensure the safety and cyber-security of the ICT system, servers and networks and be familiar with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Improvement services required

The ICT-service provider will propose solutions on the choice of appropriate and cost-effective solutions for the future replacement of the existing network, workstations, network hardware and software components. It will suggest the acquisition of laptop systems, desktop systems, server systems (including cloud-based ones), associated options, extensions and accessories, and associated maintenance, support and professional services.

Tender Information Required

Information submitted should include:

Organisation Information:

  • Organisation name, address, telephone number, fax number
  • Contact details for the principal person responsible for responding to this tender
  • Brief description of the organisation, including service portfolio and total number of employees.
  • Particulars of expertise and track record in delivering and managing similar work with particular reference to experience of working with SMEs and NGOs.
  • Details of two referees, including a current or most recent piece of work for a similar client.
  • Availability to undertake and commence work

Pricing Structure:

Maintenance services: Action plan and budget

Please provide an action plan and budget for the day-to-day maintenance of the hardware and software, including workstations, laptops, servers, and virus protection, as well as help-desk support to staff when problems arise.

Please provide a monthly budget for the above that includes 5 hours of on-site support and/or help-desk functions to staff and the hourly rate for any work beyond these 5 hours.

Improvement services: Action plan and budget

Please provide an action plan and budget proposing cost-effective solutions for replacing and/or improving the computer system, including the workstations, office server (including cloud-based solutions), software, extensions and accessories.

Please provide several options and the relevant budgets and timelines for upgrading the system. Please indicate an estimation of the hardware and software one-time and recurrent costs.

Closing Date for acceptance of tenders is: Wednesday January 17th, 2018, at 18:00 Central European Time (CET)

Operation of the Framework Agreement

A Framework Agreement Contract will be concluded with those tenders deemed to be the most economically advantageous subject to agreement on conditions of contract. 

The Framework Contract will be for a four-year period.  When issuing “work taks‟, EuroHealthNet will specify the required ICT service in each instance.  EuroHealthNet reserves the right not to award a framework contract in the event that no suitable proposal is found.  Ownership of the materials produced in relation to this assignment rests with EuroHealthNet. 

Anticipated Framework Agreement Start Date: January 2018

Framework Agreement End Date: December 2021

Contact details

ll queries concerning this document should be addressed to David Hargitt, Management Assistant at EuroHealthNet at: or +32 2 235 03 23.