EuroHealthNet Office

Caroline Costongs
Clive Needle Clive Needle
Senior Policy Advisor
Ingrid Stegeman Ingrid Stegeman
Programme Manager
Claudia Marinetti Claudia Marinetti
Programme Manager
Alexandra Latham Alexandra Latham
Communication Coordinator
Health Promotion Europe - HPE
Anne Pierson
HPE Manager
Anna Gallinat Anna Gallinat
HPE Communications Officer
Clotilde Cattaneo
communications and project assistant
Christy Braham
HPE Project Assistant Intern
Platform for Health and Social Equity - PHASE
Cristina Chiotan
Senior Policy Coordinator (PHASE)
Cathrine Festersen
PHASE Policy and Liaison Officer
European Centre for Innovation, Research and Implementation for Health and Well-Being - CIRI
Monica Aberg Yngwe
Senior Research Coordinator (CIRI)
Zina Cotoman
CIRI Research Intern
Administration, Finance & Operations
Renaud Rollet Renaud Rollet
Administrator & Financial Officer
David Hargitt
Management Assistant