Anna Gallinat

Anna Gallinat
HPE Communications Officer
Health Promotion Europe - HPE
+ 32 2 235 03 27

Anna Gallinat supports the HPE Manager and the Public Health Coordinator in delivering EuroHealthNet’s communication commitments to high quality standards, in Equity Action, Quality Action, Alcohol Joint Action and the CHRODIS Joint Action, and maintaining all relevant communication activities to ensure maximum impact of the Joint Actions’ outcomes. She helps promoting HPE as the European body for organisational application and implementation of Health Promotion and Health Equity and developing, in close cooperation with the HPE Manager, a potential HPE help-desk service on EU regional policies and application of structural funding instruments for health equity and help maintaining the accompanying website Furthermore, Anna advances and regularly updates the website and ensures it remains the main European Knowledge Portal which holds the latest information on the issue of health inequalities in terms of good practices, national/regional policies and strategies as well as latest reports and evidence.

Anna has got a bachelor  degree in Science in Psychology from the University of Twente (2008-2012) with an exchange year to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2010-2011). Her thesis focused on health psychology. She has also a Master of Science in “Gender, Media and Culture” from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 

Anna aquired some professional experience in media and communications through internships and freelance work for an agency in Germany (2007-2010) and regular writing for LSE’s student newspaper.

Anna is fluent in German, English and Dutch. She's got basic knowledge of Norwegian and French.