Anne Pierson

HPE Manager
Health Promotion Europe - HPE
+ 32 2 235 03 29

Anne Pierson joined EuroHealthNet in July 2015 and has been managing the Health Promotion Europe pillar of EuroHealthNet. Activities include facilitating capacity building for EuroHealthNet members (through information and communications such as Calls & Opportunities Alerts, study visits, webinars, etc.) and coordinating project work strands (Joint Action CHRODIS, Joint Action on Alcohol Related Harm, Pilot Project on reducing health inequalities for LGBTI people, etc.)

Anne has considerable experience in communications, PR, projects and events management and worked for various European and international organisations before joining EuroHealthNet. She coordinated among others EU-funded projects related to anti-discrimination and social inclusion, international campaigns to raise awareness and advance prevention of diabetes, and activities to fight against fraud and corruption in the health care sector. Anne’s background is in languages and management with an MA in German and English Literature and Linguistics from the Catholic University of Louvain and an MBA from the Free University of Brussels.