Who we are

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EuroHealthNet is a not for profit partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working to contribute to a healthier Europe by promoting health and health equity between and within European countries. It supports members’ work in EU and associated states through policy and project development, networking and communications.

Since the EU Treaty included powers and responsibility for public health, health promotion agencies have networked successfully together for a common mission:

  • To improve health between and within European States.
  • To tackle health inequalities.

In that time, we have achieved much in partnership with our members, EU Institutions, the World Health Organisation and others. Over the last decade, EuroHealthNet has further developed its way of working in response to the changing economic and political environment. New evidence has been identified, new methods and tools are available, including new technologies and as a consequence our knowledge has grown. We know that the needs of European citizens have changed and that health inequities persist. We know enough to act.