Capacity Building

Health Promotion Europe encourages the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practice amongst key bodies in EU Member States responsible for health promotion, through study visits, webinars, exchange visits and support visits.

Health Promotion Europe provides its members with an internal newsletter - Health Action Memo - that includes information on EuroHealthNet’s activities, key EU level developments; funding opportunities as well as relevant developments in member organisations.

The in-country study visits co-organised and hosted by EuroHealthNet members were held between 2011 and 2014 on themes relevant to the EU social and health agendas.

  • On the 1st - 2nd October 2014, EuroHealthNet and its Finnish Member - the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) -  jointly hosted a study visit for its members and partners on Advocacy for health equity. Reducing health inequalities and moving towards health equity requires concerted action on the social determinants of health across policy sectors. Yet, despite a wealth of evidence showing associations between various factors and health, policy action has to much of an extent been limited or seemingly ineffectual at reducing health inequalities. Both the CSDH and the more recently published WHO-European Review identified advocacy as a key means of promoting favourable policy change, but actual evidence of how to do so is limited.

  • The prevention of mental health issues hosted by the Flemish Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Brussels/Gent, October 2011.This visit focused on mental health promotion policies (with a specific focus on vulnerable groups), and in particular on the link between mental health and the topics addressed by the Progress Programme, including social inclusion, gender, anti-discrimination, employment, and working conditions.

  • Experiences and best practices on equality data analysis, equitable access to services and health promotion as a driver of social inclusion hosted by NHS Health Scotland, Edinburgh in  November 2011.
  • National and Regional strategies for Healthy Ageing hosted by BZgA, the Federal Centre for Health Education, Cologne - November 2012. While longer lives are a major achievement of European societies, the ageing of the population also poses significant challenges for their economies and welfare systems.
  • Innovative Health Promotion Approaches for Rural (excluded or isolated) Communities hosted by the Institute of Public Health Murska Sobota, Slovenia in December 2012. The event focused on health promotion programmes and strategies targeting rural and excluded communities in Europe.
  • How to better connect communication strategies for health at International, European, National, regional and local levels hosted by EuroHealthNet in Brussels in June 2013. With the aim of establishing closer connections with its Member Agencies’ communication departments and in order to maximize the impact of communication for health improvement at all governance levels, EuroHealthNet organized a study visit related to communications.
  • National and Regional Strategies on Health Promotion and Social Inclusion of Young People hosted by The North of England EU Health Partnership, Lancaster in November 2013. The key theme addressed during this visit was the promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people through non-formal education.
  • Occupational Safety and Health and Health Promotion Approaches in the workplace hosted by Prolepsis, Athens in December 2013. Promoting good health is an integral part of the smart and inclusive growth objectives of Europe 2020.

All details related to the study visits are available in the Members' section.

Picture: Study visit hosted by NHS Health Scotland in November 2011 - Experiences and best practices on equality data analysis, equitable access to services and health promotion as a driver of social inclusion.

Capacity-building seminars give a chance to update members about the EC agendas in the fields of employment, social inclusion and health and to highlight the activities implemented with the support of the Progress programme.

Three Capacity-building seminars were organised for EuroHealthNet members in the framework of the network‘s annual General Assemblies focused on the hinterland between social and health inequities and the synergies between policy responses provided at EU level.

  • The first seminar held in 2011 reflected on the wider range of social inequities and related determinants having an impact on health, and on the synergies and links between them. The event gave opportunities to brief members about the Progress programme and present the approach and the activities developed by EuroHealthNet in the latter’s framework.
  • The seminar held in 2012 addressed the European Semester and the entry points for health reforms based on equity and sustainability as well as the need to strengthen public health capacity in the EU.
  • The seminar held in 2013 focused on the EU and WHO programmes relevant to the fight against health inequalities; and  on the funding available at EU and other levels to support these programmes (with active participation from the European Commission).