Public Health and Health Promotion

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The Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO ) is responsible, in collaboration with the Member States, to protect and promote the health of European people.

The EU Health Strategy focuses mainly on strengthening cooperation and coordination, supporting the exchange of evidence-based information and knowledge, and assisting with national decision-making. The principles of the new Health Strategy include taking a value-driven approach, recognising the links between health and economic prosperity, integrating health in all policies, and strengthening the EU's voice in global health.

The main instrument for implementing the EU health strategy is the Health Programme, which supports health-promoting and preventive actions that address the major health determinants.

Research in the thematic area of health can receive funding under DG Research 7th Framework Programme.

DG SANCO, among others, has developed the EU Health Portal which contains information and data on health related issues and activities at both European and international level.



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