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What is the European Pillar of Social Rights, and what does it mean for health?

Elements of the Social pillar

Building a more inclusive and fairer Union is a key priority for the European Commission (EC). In March 2016, the EC presented a preliminary outline of the European Pillar of Social Rights and launched a broad public consultation. One year later, the EC published its final proposal for the European Pillar of Social Rights. The Pillar sets out a number of key principles and rights to support fair and well-functioning labour markets and welfare systems and more resilient economic structures. The Pillar is designed as a compass for a renewed process of convergence towards bett er working and living conditions. It is primarily conceived for the euro area but open to all EU Member States.

Making the link: Health and Youth Exclusion

Policy précis youth exclusion

This policy précis examines the link between health and youth exclusion. It looks at the situation in Europe today, and at existing and proposed European legislation in this field. It describes some of the best national practices designed to tackle youth exclusion, and gives some policy recommendations for the future.

The link between ill health, air pollution, and inequalities


EuroHealthNet welcomes WHO action on migration, health and sustainable development

The European Pillar of Social Rights and its relevance for health and social equity

The European Pillar of Social Rights and its relevance for health and social equity


Health Promoting Systems Can Help Inclusive Employment in Europe

Building People-Centred and Integrated Health Services for Health Equity

Health equity and alcohol

Building Sustainable Societies in Europe and Globally


Health equity and long term care

Health, welbeing and the economic and financial crisis in Europe

Mental health, equity and work

Social Inclusion and Health Equity


Economics of Prevention and Health Equity

Youth and Health Equity

Chronic diseases and health equity


E-health and Health Equity

Education and health equity


Promoting healthy working populations

Gender and Health equity

Pensions and health equity


Urban, planning and health equity

Social Inclusion and health equity

Healthy Ageing and health equity

Energy Efficiency and health equity

Early Child Development and health equity

Cohesive Communities and health equity

Climate Change and health equity

Agriculture and health equity

Introduction to EuroHealthNet’s Policy Précis – Promoting health equity by making the links