Closing the Gap ( 2004 - 2007)

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Closing the Gap

Reducing socio-economic health inequalities is one of the main challenges within the public health sector in Europe. It is, nevertheless, unclear what is known and how much is being done in European countries, how policy processes impact the health gap and how effective interventions should be shaped.

The Closing the Gap project focused on providing operational strategies at the EU, national and at the local level to reduce health inequalities.

Twenty-two national public health and health promotion agencies took part in the project.

Aims & Objectives: 

The aim of this project was to develop a European knowledge base and infrastructure in order to implement and strengthen strategies and actions to reduce health inequalities at different levels.

The project also aimed at ensuring greater awareness , both amongst EU citizens and within the EU Institutions themselves, of the impact of policies on health equity in Europe, so that this will be taken into greater account in political decision-making process.


The project involved an assessment of EU level policy processes and their impact on health inequalities in Member States. Project partners analysed policies, structures and actions being taken to tackle health inequalities in their countries to develop national Situation Analyses.

Participating countries shared information and expertise, as well as good practices at the local level which were proved to be effective in helping to tackle health inequalities. These were collected to produce a European Directory of Good Practices.

Coordinator: EuroHealthNet

Contract holder: German Federal Centre for Health Promotion, BZgA

Information about the outcomes of the project has been integrated into the Health Inequalities Portal.



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