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This final version of the baseline report entitled "SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLES: TODAY’S FACTS & TOMORROW’S TRENDS" provides a synthesis of research, leading policy and practice, and stakeholder views on potential pathways toward sustainable lifestyles. The purpose of this report is to provide the necessary background information to support the SPREAD social platform participants in creating a holistic vision of sustainable lifestyles in 2050 and recommendations for a plan of action. Click here to access the report
Gradient (2009-2012) was a collaborative research project involving 12 institutions (universities, research institutes and public health institutes) from all over Europe. The project was coordinated by EuroHealthNet and received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007-2013). The GRADIENT project had the overall goal of identifying what measures could be taken to level-up the socio-economic gradients in health among children and young people in the EU. The main objectives were to develop a consensus based European Framework to monitor and evaluate public health policies, to assess if and why children and families from different socio-economic groups respond and act differently to public policy interventions, to make a review of protective factors for the health of children and young people and their families focusing on social capital, and to analysedifferent welfare regimes and general policies in different EU countries andcompare the impact for families and children. Findings and results of the project were formulated into policy recommendations and disseminated at EU, national and regional level. For more information, visit
Publication - European lifestyles
SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 is a European social platform project running from January 2011 to December 2012. Different societal stakeholders – from business, research, policy and civil society – are invited to participate in the development of a vision for sustainable lifestyles in 2050. This process will result in a roadmap for strategic action for policy makers and will deliver innovative ideas for business, research and society, regarding the enabling of sustainable lifestyles in European society.
SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles- Roadmap
The roadmap uses the various outputs of the SPREAD project and extensive stakeholder input from 13 workshops to propose actions that will get us on track to more sustainable living in Europe in this decade - from social innovation, products, service and business model innovation, skills for jobs of the future, policy and governance recommendations. The document outlines the action strategies and opportunity spaces for policy makers towards more Sustainable lifestyles.
Policy Brief - SPREAD’s preliminary findings
SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 - Policy Brief This document presents the SPREAD’s preliminary findings. It provides policy considerations from the review of existing knowledge and examples of current promising practice. It presents four alternative and emerging visions of future sustainable lifestyles, and explores the drivers, barriers and gatekeepers that may help or hinder the proliferation of more sustainable living options. A final policy brief will be delivered at the conclusion of the project, in December 2012, and will include concrete policy recommendations.
Summary of Crossing Bridges Full Report
Crossing Bridges is a European Union (EU) funded project promoting the implementation of a Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach in EU Member States in order to improve health equity within and between states. The project aims to advance the implementation of HiAP approaches in EU Member States by: The development of practical tools to turn HiAP theory into practice; Investigating specific examples of inter-sectoral collaboration to identify effective methodologies that can be further developed; Developing the capacities of national and regional public health institutes in order to promote HiAP. For more information about Crossing Bridges click here


For a short brochure about DETERMINE
For a short brochure about DETERMINE with our key final messages
DETERMINE Working Document 6
DETERMINE Working Document 6: Lessons from the DETERMINE pilot projects - May 2010
DETERMINE Working Document 5
DETERMINE Working Document 5: A report of capacity building actions to address health inequalities and the socio-economic determinants of health. - April, 2010


DETERMINE Menu of Capacity Building and Awareness Raising Actions
DETERMINE Menu of Capacity Building and Awareness Raising Actions to address the social determinants of health and to improve health equity - September 2009
DETERMINE Working Document 4
DETERMINE Working Document 4: Economic Arguments for addressing the social determinants of health inequalities - December 2009
DETERMINE Working Document 3
DETERMINE Working Document 3: Voices from Other Fields: An Account of 40 Consultations with non-health policy makers and politicals across Europe on tackling the socio-economic determinants of HI. - January 2009
GRADIENT Project: The EU's approach towards young people and their health. An overview of recent policy developments at the EU level affecting children's and young people' health - September 2009


DETERMINE Working Document 1
DETERMINE Working Document 1: Policies and Actions Addressing the Social Determinants of Health Inequalities. Examples of Activity in Europe - July 2008
DETERMINE 'Action Summary'
DETERMINE 'Action Summary', first year report on the work of the Consortium: Improving Health Equity via the Social Determinants of Health in the EU Update on the first year of work by the DETERMINE Consortium. - July, 2008
DETERMINE Working Document 2
DETERMINE Working Document 2: A Rapid Review of Innovation in the Context of Social Determinants. Lessons from Europe - March 2008


Closing the Gap
Closing the Gap – Strategies for Action to tackle Health Inequalities. Taking Action on Health Equity Costongs C, Stegeman I, Bensaude De Castro Freire S, Weyers S - May 2007


Tackling Health Inequalities in the EU
Tackling Health Inequalities in the EU: The Contribution of Various EU-Level Actors - November 2006


Health and Social Inclusion in the EU
Health and Social Inclusion in the EU: the value of trans-national exchange, by Ingrid Stegeman - December 2005
Health Inequalities: a Challenge for Europe
Health Inequalities: a Challenge for Europe by Ken Judge, Stephen Platt, Caroline Costongs and Kasia Jurczak


Promoting Social Inclusion and Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe
Promoting Social Inclusion and Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe, an overview of good practices from the health field. By Ingrid Stegeman and Caroline Costongs - December 2004
The Role of the Health Care Sector in Tackling Poverty and social Exclusion in E
The Role of the Health Care Sector in Tackling Poverty and social Exclusion in Europe. By Nicoline Tamsma and Philip C. Berman - December 2004


Health, poverty and social inclusion in Europe
Health, poverty and social inclusion in Europe. Literature review on concepts, relations and solutions. By Ingrid Stegeman and Caroline Costongs - September 2003
Health, poverty and social inclusion in Europe
Health, poverty and social inclusion in Europe. Health analysis of national action plans on social inclusion. By Caroline Costongs and Ingrid Stegeman - September 2003



EuroHealthNet illustrates the strong links which exist between health, poverty and social exclusion
European Quality of Life Survey 2012
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