How we work

Based in the heart of Brussels’ European quarter, EuroHealthNet brings together partners operating at EU, national, regional, and local levels. This partnership model strengthens the voice of and approaches to health promotion and prevention in the EU, and stimulates action at all levels of government.

The office monitors, influences, analyses, and explains EU policy and action related to health inequalities and determinants. The expertise and experience of the partners is amplified and shared, helping to influence change at European, National, and sub-national levels.

EuroHealthNet also has an important role in facilitating information exchange between partners through study visits, capacity building actions and technical working groups. This helps them to build capacity and knowledge, so they can build on the best that Europe has to offer in the field of public health and health promotion.


EuroHealthNet seeks to find links and synergies between fields of expertise and sectors, and to stimulate interaction between policy makers, researchers and practitioners.

Many EuroHealthNet activities take place across three platforms covering policy, practice, and research. Close interaction between the platforms, and unification through a core team and activities, ensures that each field builds on the work of the others, and that actions are aligned.