Dr. Anna Chioti

Dr. Anna Chioti
Director of the Department of Population Health
+352 26970-801

Dr Anna CHIOTI (Medical Doctor and Master of Public Health) is the current Director of the Department of Population Health, the largest department within the Luxembourg Institute of Health with almost 100 staff members.

Dr Anna Chioti is specialized among others in preventive medicine, epidemiology, public health and environment, nutrition and clinical research.

She is a clinician trained in Belgium with experience in ambulatory and hospital setting. She also has an extensive career in the pharmaceutical industry, at Merck Sharp & Dohme in the field of cardiovascular medicine and metabolic diseases and at AstraZeneca, where she led the oncology and hospital care portfolio and medical team. In this position, she initiated and coordinated local and international- industry and investigator initiated studies, in all phases of clinical development leading to market access, as well as the collection of real-life data, with focus on pharmacovigilance and pharmaco-economic evidence.

She arrived in Luxembourg in 2010, where she developed the Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center, a well-established and EU-renowned research unit, where she managed a growing clinical research team as well as numerous clinical research projects, in the fields of oncology, infectious diseases, nutrition, diabetes or cardiology.

Dr Anna Chioti has been supervising both operational and scientific staff as well as students and interns and has initiated and developed several certified trainings and conferences to promote continuous medical education in Luxembourg.

She is member and active on boards of several professional and scientific societies in Luxembourg and internationally: European Medical Association, Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), EFGCP, ECRIN, ISPOR, and American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr Anna Chioti is also ethics advisor for EU research projects and reviewer and editorial board member for journals in clinical research and translational research.

Dr Anna Chioti is the Coordinator of the Cancer Research Strategy working group, within the National Cancer Plan in Luxembourg and Interim Executive Committee Member at the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (IC PerMed).

She is an external expert for EU COST Actions and has recently been nominated Scientific Committee Member of the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative as well as Executive Board Member of EuroHealthNet.

Dr Anna Chioti has received several awards, including the Award for Advancing Public Awareness in Clinical Research (ACRP, USA), Award for Outstanding Contribution to Luxembourg Healthcare and Life Sciences Community, and the Award of Economic Diplomacy, from the Cercle International Diplomatique et Consulaire (CIDIC), in the frame of Luxembourg EU Presidency, Belgium & Luxembourg 2015.

LinkedIn: https://lu.linkedin.com/in/annachioti