Frank Lehman

Senior Advisor at the Federal Centre for Health Promotion and Health Education (BZgA), Germany

Dr. Frank Lehmann, MPH Senior Advisor at the Federal Centre for Health Promotion and Health Education (BZgA), Germany, on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

Frank is a medical doctor and holds a master’s degree in Public Health. His fields of interest and expertise are health equity, health in all policies, the WHO’s setting approach and population-wide strategies for health. Some steps in his biography are: Medical Advisor in Benin, West Africa (Primary Health Care, WHO); leader of an interdisciplinary health promotion institute and consultant in the “CME and Health Promotion” Department of the German Medical Association; since 2001, he works at the BZgA as Head of Department 5 “Support for Health Promotion and Prevention by Statutory Health Insurance Funds in Various Settings”.

He built up the German “Equity in Health” Network (Kooperationsverbund “Gesundheitliche Chancengleichheit”). In this network, more than 65 German health and welfare organisations are participating. They have a nationwide structure with coordination points in all 16 German counties (Länder). They developed good practice criteria promoting health for socially disadvantaged groups which became main elements of the German prevention law. The next step is to develop integrated strategies of Health Promotion for all municipalities in Germany. The German Network “Equity in Health” took part in many international projects, mostly in cooperation with EHN.

Since the year 2018, Frank’s main issue as Senior Advisor for the BZgA is to support the implementation of a nationwide strategy of health promotion and disease prevention. This strategy is based on the “multi-level program with context reference” (Advisory Board for the German Health Sector): the population (macro) level comprises national policies and communication (i.e. campaigns). At the setting (Meso) level, there is the WHO setting approach in municipalities. The individual (Micro) level encompasses consultations, counselling, brochures, internet communication, etc. The most important issue is that the different levels are coordinated and evaluated.