Giovanni Gorgoni (Treasurer)

Giovanni Gorgoni
CEO, Agenzia Regionale Strategica per la Salute e il Sociale Puglia, Italy

Giovanni Gorgoni, is an economist with degrees in Business Economics, Healthcare Management, and Facility Management.

He has always worked in the health sector, but in different roles: advisor, private and public manager, professor.His professional interests are public health, health communication, healthcare management, network and pathway designing, e-Health, and care intelligence.

Since December 2016 he has been Chief Executive Officer of AReSS (Agenzia Regionale Strategica per la Salute e il Sociale Puglia), the Apulia government agency for strategic planning in health and social policies and for exploration in healthcare processes and technology. In this role he has designed and developed four clinical networks (cancer, stroke, heart and trauma), implemented three value-based labs for Apulian Health System (lean healthcare, activity-based funding, integrated clinical pathways) and started the regional project for chronic care (Care Puglia 3.0).

From October 2015 to November 2016 he was Head of Department for Health Promotion, Social Welfare and Sport for All - Apulia Region, accountable for administration of health and social policies for Apulia Region with organisational connection to regional government and annual budget of € 7,2 billion. The main result of this appointment was the whole re-engineering of regional hospital network - 13.000 beds and 60 centers.

From January 2015 to October 2015 he was CEO of Lecce Local Health Authority in Apulia (7.900 employees, 6 hospitals, 148 community care sites and 803.000 citizens). From July 2011 to December 2014 he was CEO of BAT Local Health Authority in Apulia (3.600 employees, 5 hospitals, 48 community care sites and 390.000 citizens). Before July 2011 he served in Lazio Health System as CFO and COO at Viterbo Local Health Authority (2000-2008) and as Chief Facility Officer at Rome/E Local Health Authority (2008-2011). Previously - in Milan - he worked as operations manager in Humanitas Clinical Institute and as healthcare consultant in KPMG Advisory.

Currently he’s member of Executive Board of National Program for Chronic Diseases and professor in Public Management at Bari LUM University. From February 2018 is in the national register of eligible Healthcare CEOs.