Funding, transparency,
and annual reports

EuroHealthNet is funded by fees paid by our members and associate members. We are proud to work in a transparent, ethical and independent way. For more information on our work and funding, read our annual reports or external evaluations.

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Funding & Transparency

Part of the EU Transparency Register since 2009:

EuroHealthNet’s funding comes from three main sources:

  • Member and associate member fees
  • A core grant from the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)
  • Co-funded EU project grants or co-funded EU project grants or other specific funded work from international and national health bodies (e.g. WHO Europe)


We to try to increase our funds from direct participation, this allows us to improve self-governance. Therefore, no funding comes from private sources.

Annual financial and balance reports are prepared by an external accountant. After that, these reports are then certified by a separate advisory and accounting firm. The General Council checks and approves the financial reports at its annual meeting. Please contact us for copies of our audit reports.

Above all, we take pride in working in a transparent, ethical, and independent way. This is reflected in the integrity of our work in evidence building, advocacy, and policy development.

Clear rules and guidelines for procurement, asset and financial management, and risk assessment are well established and set out in the ‘How We Work’ document, available on request.

External Evaluation

EuroHealthNet’s work has been monitored by an external evaluator since 2014. To see external evaluation reports from before 2018, please contact our office

Evaluation Report — 2023

Evaluation Report — 2022

Evaluation Report — 2021

Evaluation Report — 2020

Evaluation Report — 2019

Evaluation Report — 2018

Workplace Gender, Equality and Diversity Policy

EuroHealthNet recognises the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion amongst its workforce and in its everyday operations. The EuroHealthNet Workplace Gender, Equality and Diversity Policy aims to build a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Its purpose is to ensure that no employees and no job applicants receive unfavourable treatment on the grounds of their personal characteristics, such as gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, marital or civic partnership status, and family responsibilities.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Policy.

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