The Platforms: Policy, Practice, Research

EuroHealthNet activities take place across three platforms covering policy, practice, and research. In addition, a core team unifies and builds connections between the platforms, including communications activities to share and support the exchange of knowledge and experience.

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EuroHealthNet’s Policy Platform

Find policy intelligence and analysis

Policy monitoring and advocacy at European and national levels. Ensuring policy is joined-up and based on good evidence and practice.  

EuroHealthNet’s  Policy Platform monitors and influences national and European policies relating to  health, health equity, social rights and the wider determinants which affect health and wellbeing. It advocates for  policies and approaches which are based on evidence and good practice. This platform supports cross-sectorial and  joined-up  policy making. Associate members come from all sectors and contribute to work on  addressing the determinants of  health. 

Our Policy Platform helps those working in  health promotion understand and  respond to policy changes, to therefore  make their voice heard at  European levels. 

The platform advocates for health and health equity put central on the European policy and political agenda. Members benefit from numerous opportunities to  shape European policy through consultations, participation in expert groups and policy dialogues. 

EuroHealthNet members and associates of  the Policy Platform: 

  • receive intelligence on  EU  policies for health, health equity, and the social, economic and environmental determinants of health; 
  • gain understanding of EU  decision making (including the EU Health, Research and Social programmes, the EU Semester processes, the European Pillar of Social Rights, and health aspects of key EU  policies) and the potential for wellbeing improvement; 
  • gain advice and support in the development of  relevant European policies at  national, regional, and local levels; 
  • contribute to  policy processes at  EU, national, and regional levels 
  • liaise with EU  Institutions and receive support navigating the European affairs landscape; 
  • benefit from joint advocacy for health equity. They engage with and influence European policy makers across the EU institutions and international organisations; 
  • build contacts with civil society organisations and the European policy sphere. 

The Policy Platform produces policy intelligence, summaries, analysis, and consultation responses. 

Read our analysis of the European Semester, the EU’s annual cycle of economic and social policy coordination, from a health perspective.

EuroHealthNet’s Practice Platform

Find out more about public health practices

Supporting public health bodies to  build capacity and knowledge. Building on  good practices, and strengthening the evidence base for policy and implementation. 

The focus of  our Practice Platform is  to  support the implementation of  strategies and methods to  reduce health inequalities. Its  focus surrounds putting research into practice. In order to understand and  improve the relationship between policy and ‘real world’ conditions. 

EuroHealthNet’s Practice Platform also works on  finance and funding for health-promoting services. 

The platform helps members and associates to  build capacity and share knowledge about ‘what works’. Through this exchange, they are able to  reinforce resources, collaborate, and shape international initiatives. Members are supported in  the use of EU  funding instruments for the implementation of  cost-effective and sustainable health practices, policies, and programmes. 

EuroHealthNet members and associates of the Practice Platform: 

  • receive support and information about using European Structural and Investment Funding (ESIF) for health equity projects through the EuroHealthNet ESIF support desk; 
  • benefit from EuroHealthNet’s  partnership with WHO Europe and other international organisations on  strategic and operational matters; 
  • collaborate with other health institutes and regional authorities on  implementation to  identify what works; 
  • join workshops, conferences, and capacity-building events. 

The Practice Platform’s  work includes our e-Guide for Financing Health Promoting Services, capacity building events, and Country Exchange Visits. Therefore, to bring together senior public health experts to  exchange good practices and different ways to  tackle shared challenges. 

EuroHealthNet’s Research Platform

Find out about public health research

Providing and strengthening the evidence base for policy and practice. Encouraging and supporting research in health equity solutions. 

EuroHealthNet’s  Research Platform identifies and promotes evidence-based approaches to  health, equity and wellbeing. Associate members are leading centres of  research, social equity and public health. The platform’s success is  built on  collaboration between decision makers and researchers. Their findings feed into the decision-making process. Therefore,  providing an  evidence base for policies and practices. Above all, to tackle health inequalities and environmental threats to  health, and  helps researchers collaborate, build consortia, and find funding. 

EuroHealthNet members and associates of the Research Platform 

  • receive support for proposal submission and project management; 
  • receive help in  building research consortiums and finding project partners through the  EuroHealthNet Partnership; 
  • stay informed about European research priorities; 
  • keep up to date with EU  research funding opportunities and calls. 

EuroHealthNet’s  Research Platform delivers advocacy for public health research, and  provides a  link between research, policy, and practice by 

  • offering expertise and support in  communicating research; to  specialist and wider audiences; 
  • helping transfer knowledge for policy makers and implementation via our multiple communication, dissemination, and consultation channels; 
  • advocating for better health promotion and health inequality research. 

EuroHealthNet's Core Work

A core team unifies and builds connections between the platforms.

EuroHealthNet’s communications team amplifies the messages and expertise of the members of the partnership.

It disseminates reliable, evidence-based and timely information to public health and social equity communities and beyond, and makes connections between public health people, resources, and initiatives to facilitate advocacy for a healthier and fairer Europe.

We tell the stories of the people, projects and ideas at the vanguard of health promotion, disease prevention, and addressing inequalities  our work focuses on:

  • Making connections and facilitating exchanges between public health professionals and disciplines
  • Disseminating reliable, evidence-based and timely information. Working with the media.
  • Sharing stories from Europe’s public health community.
  • Delivering reliable information to professionals.
  • Advocating for action on health and the determinants of health.
  • Supporting the communications departments in EuroHealthNet’s member agencies.

Further ‘core’ activites ensure the smooth running of the busy office, and making sure EuroHealthNet delivers what is needed to the public health community

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