We collaborate with other public health and social actors on many European and international projects and Joint Actions.

Through our project work, we enable collaboration. We help design policy, drive implementation, and advance research in the field of health inequalities and determinants of health.

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Current Projects and Joint Actions

We are part of or support the following projects and Joint Actions


CHAIN – Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research -

CHAIN is a leading centre and research network for the international study of global health inequalities, based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). It brings together the most prominent researchers in the field of health determinants, civil society and the UN system to advance health inequalities research and reduce the distance between research and other fields.

CHAIN’s purpose is to increase understanding of health inequalities and to research effective policies and practices to protect the health of vulnerable groups and decrease health disparities. By doing so, it produces evidence and tools for policy makers and public health institutes to create effective policies and practices to increase health equity.

In 2018, CHAIN was granted support from the Research Council of Norway under the BEDREHELSE program (2019 – 2024). UNICEF, the International Agency for research on Cancer (IARC), the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), EuroHealthNet and the Global Burden of Disease Study at the University of Washington are major partners in this effort, along with leading researchers in global health inequalities. CHAIN aims to establish a novel approach to the better determination of the causes of health inequalities, their impact on groups such as children and their families, and the identification of best practices for reducing health inequalities in different regions of the world.

Together with UNICEF Norway, EuroHealthNet is leading the work on work package 4; bridging research, policy and practice.

For more information on CHAIN, visit the website or subscribe to the CHAIN newsletter (2x per year).

Find all CHAIN outputs here.

JAHEE – Joint Action Health Equity Europe -

JAHEE represents an important opportunity for Member States to work jointly to address health inequalities and achieve greater equity in health outcomes across all groups in society, in all participating countries and in Europe at large.

The effects of health inequalities within and between European countries are widely recognized, and reducing health inequalities is on the agenda of many countries. Despite an increasing concern and awareness on health inequalities, a wide gap exists in Europe in terms of political response. The general objective of JAHEE is to improve health and well-being of European citizens and achieve greater equity in health outcomes across all groups in society in all participants countries and in Europe at large. In addition JAHEE will also include a specific focus on both vulnerable groups and migrants.

BestReMap -


Best-ReMaP is a Europe-wide Joint Action that seeks to contribute to the creation of an environment that ensures healthy food for a healthy future by helping to improve the quality of food supplied to citizens of Europe. It is funded by the European Union’s Health Programme, and implemented by 36 partners in 24 EU Member States, and delivered via collaborative work of seven pan-European teams. Best-ReMaP facilitates the exchange and testing of good practices concerning:
(1) the monitoring and analysis of how the food that people consume changes at the European and national level,
(2) the regulations on the marketing of food and beverages to children,
(3) and the procurement of food by public bodies for educational institutions, social care facilities.

IMMUNION – Improving Immunisation in the European Union +

IMMUNION’s purpose is to improve equitable vaccine uptake by strengthening collaboration between healthcare professionals, public health authorities, the media and local communities. IMMUNION will contribute to and complement wider EU vaccination efforts through delivering better education to health professionals and better information to the general public.


  • Share validated vaccination training materials and resources with health professionals and students across Europe;
  • Strengthen the existing Coalition for Vaccination and its long-term sustainability and visibility;
  • Develop and provide training opportunities for health professionals and students on vaccination communication;
  • Enhance collaboration between public health institutions, health professionals and the media and foster evidence-based reporting on vaccination;
  • Increase understanding of the drivers of vaccine inequalities and address vaccination coverage issues in vulnerable and underserved populations.

Find all IMMUNION outputs here.

RIVER-EU – Reducing Inequalities in Vaccine Uptake in the European Region - Engaging Underserved Communities +

Funded by the Horizon 2020 Research Programme, RIVER-EU is a 5-year (2021-2026) project coordinated by the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). RIVER-EU collects evidence on health system determinants of high and low vaccine uptake in eight specific contexts, which will be used to identify and/or develop interventions to reduce barriers to vaccine uptake in underserved communities and increase trust in the health system.

Find all RIVER-EU outputs here.

PS Lifestyle +


The PSLifestyle project aims to help close the action gap between climate awareness and individual action, and to increase citizen participation in sustainability topics. It does this by engaging citizens through a digital application to collect, monitor and analyse their environment and consumption data as well as co-research, co-develop, and uptake everyday life solutions for climate change.

Partner locations include:

  • Tallinn – Estonia
  • Tampere, Turku, Helsinki – Finland
  • Athens – Greece
  • Wuppertal – Germany
  • Milan – Italy
  • Porto – Portugal
  • Ljubljana – Slovenia
  • Izmir – Turkey
Aiming to create a strategy to expand further into other European countries.
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Previous Projects and Joint Actions



INHERIT - Intersectoral Health and Environment Research for Innovation +
Med-Dialogue for Rights and Equality +
Health4LGBTI - Reducing health inequalities experienced by LGBTI people +
VulnerABLE - Improving the Health of Those in Isolated and Vulnerable Situations +
RARHA - Reducing Alcohol Related Harm +
AFE-INNOVNET - Towards an Age-friendly Europe +
DRIVERS - tackling health equity in early childhood development, employment and working conditions, and income and social protection +
CHRODIS - European Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and Promoting Health Ageing Across the Life Cycle +
CHRODIS PLUS - Reducing the Burden of Chronic Diseases through Implementation of Proven Policies and Practices +
ESIF Funds for Health +
IROHLA - Develop Evidence-based Guidelines to Improve Health Equity in the Ageing Population +
QUALITY ACTION -Increasing the Effectiveness of HIV Prevention in Europe +
EQUITY ACTION - Reducing Health Inequalities by Helping to Improve Policies and Harnessing the Contribution of Stakeholders +
CROSSING BRIDGES - Advancing the Implementation of Health in All Policies (HiAP) Approaches in EU Member States +
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