Claudia Marinetti

Claudia Marinetti
Programme Manager
+ 32 2 235 03 26

As Programme Manager, Dr Claudia Marinetti’s main responsibilities are to oversee the implementation of the various activities conducted at EuroHealthNet, to safeguard the alignment of the outputs of the three work strands of EuroHealthNet (POLICY, PRACTICE and RESEARCH) and those of the four technical working groups, to support the director in the overall strategic planning, and to supervise human resources. Claudia specifically has expertise in, and leads work on, health and working conditions, mental health, social inclusion and health, and health of vulnerable groups

Previously at EuroHealthNet she was involved in research and project management. In particular she was responsible for the coordination of DRIVERS “Addressing the strategic Determinants to Reduce health Inequity Via 1) Early childhood development, 2) Realising fair employment, and 3) Social protection.” Claudia has also: been involved in the coordination of Crossing Bridges, a project aiming at taking practical steps to advance the implementation of HiAP approaches in EU Member States; explored and supported the role of regional and sub-national actors in tackling health inequalities within the Joint Action for Health Inequalities; documented and reviewed the policy response to health inequalities at EU, national, and, where relevant, sub-national levels for an overall Health Inequalities in the EU Report, commissioned by DG SANCO.

Claudia joined EuroHealthNet in March 2010. Her background is in Social Psychology, with a PhD in Social and Applied Psychology (University of Oxford, UK). Prior to joining EuroHealthNet, she has conducted and coordinated research on inequality issues linked to prejudice and discrimination, socio-economic status, and conflict. She has been involved in several cross-cultural projects and in work on issues related to immigration and low socio-economic backgrounds, including education outcomes and resources accessibility.