Clive Needle

Clive Needle
Senior Policy Advisor
+ 32 2 235 03 20

Clive Needle provides policy related advice for the EuroHealthNet Partnership. Clive joined the precursor network to EuroHealthNet, the EU Network of Health Promotion Agencies (ENHPA), as strategic director 2000 to 2002, following his consultative report and recommendations on network progress. He was EuroHealthNet Director from 2003 for its first decade, leading development and policy initiatives. Clive represented the network at numerous national and international events and processes, including EU Presidency and Commission events in EU institutions and many countries. Since then he has been Policy Director then Senior Policy Advisor, including analytical, editorial, project and advocacy work.

Clive is also an independent public policy advisor for numerous not for profit organisations in the UK and across Europe. He has worked extensively with the World Health Organisation, and with governments and civil society bodies, as a speaker, advisor, chair and facilitator. He has written and presented extensively on EU and public policy issues, for specialist and general media.

Prior to his work with EuroHealthNet Clive was an elected Member of the European Parliament 1994-99, specializing in health, environment and global development issues, including Parliamentary Reports and decisions on EU Public Health and global economic cooperation. Clive previously worked in business management, voluntary organisations and on political campaigns.

He lives in England with his wife Eileen King and family.