María Romeo-Velilla

Research Coordinator
EuroHealthNet RESEARCH
+ 32 2 235 03 29

Dr Maria Romeo-Velilla joined the EuroHealthNet research team in October 2017 and became our Research Coordinator in February 2019. Her main tasks are further developing the research platform as an innovative knowledge centre, working on the translation of evidence into policy, and in particular working on the implementation of the Horizon 2020 project INHERIT concerning health, equity and environmental sustainability. The purpose of the INHERIT project (Inter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for Innovation) is to improve health and well-being of European citizens by identifying, implementing and studying the impacts of policies and interventions that address environmental stressors and support healthy and sustainable behaviours.

Prior to her position at EuroHealthNet, Maria worked in the research area of health promotion (Liverpool John Moores University (UK) and Staffordshire University (UK)) for over 10 years. Her background is in Sport Sciences (Physical Education teacher (Bachelor's Degree) and Sport Management (Master's degree)) and she completed her PhD in Health Promotion from Staffordshire University (UK) in February 2017.