A Modern Partnership for a Changing World

EuroHealthNet Annual Report June 2019-June 2020


A Modern Partnership for a Changing World

EuroHealthNet Annual Report June 2019-June 2020

1. Who we are

EuroHealthNet is the network of public health bodies building a healthier future for all by addressing the determinants of health and reducing inequalities. Our focus is on preventing disease and promoting good health by looking within and beyond the health care system.

EuroHealthNet is a not-for-profit partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working on public health, disease prevention, promoting health, and reducing inequalities. Several research centres are also part of our partnership.

We work on public health and social equity policy, practice, and research. We also explore and strengthen the links between them. Our approach focuses on health in all policies, reducing health inequalities gaps and gradients, working on determinants across the life course, contributing to sustainability and wellbeing of people and planet.

This annual report describes our activities between June 2019 and May 2020.

European Countries
EU Member States

The EuroHealthNet partnership includes 61 members, associate members, and observers. They come from 26 European countries, including 23 EU Member States.

They steer the work of the Brussels office through three collaborating platforms: Practice, Policy, and Research. A core team works to unite and amplify the platforms’ work. The partnership is governed by the General Council, which comprises all members, and the Executive Board.

Read more about our structure, areas of work, and financing in the ‘How we work’ section.

Why we act, and why we act together.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. The year 2020 has changed the world immeasurably. To protect health for all and to create a sustainable future, difficult and complex choices will have to be made. Those changes will take place at the highest levels of government, at the delivery of health and other services on the ground, and everywhere in between. EuroHealthNet helps its partners to share learning and prepare for the future.

We need to act on health inequalities

Among the 20% richest Europeans, only 3.9% describe their health as bad or very bad. This compares to the 13.2% of the poorest who feel the same. Low-income households are still five times more likely to report unmet care needs [1].

To improve health and to make our health systems sustainable, we must look within and beyond health systems

The COVID-19 pandemic shows us that good health does not begin and end with health care. It begins in the community.

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    It depends on individual as well as community actions which are enabled or prevented by political, legal, and social structures.

    Most health outcomes are the result of the conditions in which we are born, live, grow, work and age. By addressing and improving those conditions, we can better prevent ill health, mitigate for additional co-morbidities, build resilience, and promote the best possible health outcomes for all. We need to address the communities, societies, and systems which shape our lives and our health.

    Addressing the determinants of health is an effective and efficient way of reducing inequalities and improving standards of health, quality of life, and levels of wellbeing.

    EuroHealthNet forms the bridge between the health sector and those sectors that influence and are affected by it.

Change is the new normal, and we need to be prepared

The changes that Europe experienced in early 2020 did not lead to the question how soon can we return to normal. Instead EuroHealthNet is focusing on the creation of a new normal, one which works for all.

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    We recognise that the pandemic came after a tumulus period of protests and political uncertainty and this must feature in our responses to public health.

    The unsustainability of health systems has long been known. Warnings have been given about the lack of investment in health promotion and disease prevention but not heard. The reorientation of health systems was a recognised need, but not yet fully a reality.

    The EuroHealthNet partnership aims to be at the vanguard of this system reorientation. The rate of change may not slow down, but together, we are better able to look ahead and respond to those changes.

A modern partnership for a changing world

There is a need to be dynamic, holistic, forward thinking, agile and proactive. At the same time, the need for evidence, honesty, reliability, and robustness has never been clearer.

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    The EuroHealthNet partnership can reconcile these two needs. EuroHealthNet partners are the foundation stones of public health in Europe. They contain both history and experience, they work innovatively and multi-disciplinarily and are trustworthy partners preparing for the future. By collaborating across borders to find solutions to common problems, and by making the links between research, policy, and public health practices we can tackle those difficult choices effectively. EuroHealthNet is a modern partnership for a changing world.

Executive board

Mojca Gabrijelčič Blenkuš

Vertti Kiukas

Giovanni Gorgoni

Plamen Dimitrov

Mariana Dyakova

Frank Lehman

Lorna Renwick

Paolo Stocco

Mirosław J. Wysocki

EuroHealthNet has made changes to its work programme for 2020 and its working practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • EuroHealthNet events and meetings have been turned into digital events. This includes the Annual General Council Meeting.
  • Partners were contacted early in the pandemic to establish how they could best be supported.
  • In March, a statement on COVID-19, health inequalities, and the sustainability of health systems was published. It is available in English and Italian.
  • In April we published a statement on protecting children and their families during and after the COVID19 crisis with the EU alliance for investing in children.
  • An online exchange on communication on COVID-19 was organised for the partners
  • Working-from-home policies and practices were introduced for staff.

Staff in EuroHealthNet’s member organisations are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. We applaud their strength and expertise, and as well as those caring for the sick.

Our year in numbers

Participants at EuroHealthNet events
Annual seminar participants rating the event as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’
Members, associate members, and observers from 26 European countries in 23 Member States
Presentations made and events moderated
External meetings participated in 2019
Newsletters published sharing information about our Partners and our world of work
Increase in Magazine readership
Social media followers
Capacity building events in Madrid, Cologne, Vienna, Tuscany and Brussels
Policy briefings and consultation responses
Press releases sent
Website views



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** To be approved at General Council Meeting 2020

A Modern Partnership for a Changing World

A partnership for the future
How we work