A Modern Partnership for a Changing World

EuroHealthNet Annual Report June 2019-June 2020


A Modern Partnership for a Changing World

EuroHealthNet Annual Report June 2019-June 2020

6. Communication

EuroHealthNet’s communications team amplifies the messages and expertise of the members of the partnership.

It disseminates reliable, evidence-based and timely information to public health and social equity communities and beyond, and makes connections between people, resources and initiatives to facilitate advocacy for a healthier and fairer Europe.

We tell the stories of the people, projects and ideas at the vanguard of health promotion, disease prevention, and the fight against inequalities.

Comms network meeting November 2019 2

Making connections between people, initiatives and resources

EuroHealthNet’s communication network

The communication network connects communication professionals working at EuroHealthNet’s member organisations to each other to facilitate the exchange of expertise and resources, help members raise interests and concerns at an international level, and to increase awareness of initiatives at European, national and regional levels.

Along with three online meetings last year, the network had a face-to-face meeting in EuroHealthNet’s offices in Brussels in November. During the Brussels meeting, participants identified shared problems and how to overcome them, and discussed how to work effectively together, and further develop the network. They provided input to EuroHealthNet’s future strategy by examining the role, practices, and challenges of communication in the future. The participants learnt more about getting involved in European decision-making, and took part in a training workshop on messaging. The meeting was combined with a visit to EuroPCom, The European Public Communication Conference.

In early 2020, the communication network met to discuss ideas and good practices for communicating about the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly to vulnerable audiences and hard-to-reach groups.

This resulted in both an exchange of good practices, and a comprehensive online library of resources.

“Once again, I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend, and congratulate the EuroHealthNet team for the excellent organisation of the meeting.
I’m looking forward to the next event!”

Yannis Koutelidas (Communications and Press Office, Prolepsis)

Calls and Opportunities Alerts

EuroHealthNet sends exclusive information about opportunities for funding, training and capacity building to staff in partner agencies through our Calls and Opportunities Alerts. Our members scored it 4.25 out of 5 when asked about its relevance to their work[1]. We sent 11 alerts between June 2019 and May 2020.

[1] EuroHealthNet Members survey 2019

Disseminating the outputs of projects and partnerships

As a subcontractor in the Joint Action on Health Inequalities (JAHEE) and a partner of the Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research (CHAIN), EuroHealthNet contributes to the dissemination of outputs to research and public health institutes, policymakers, and other stakeholders. EuroHealthNet helped CHAIN meet policymakers, presented on several occasions the centre and its work to the European Commission and World Health Organization, and developed an introductory flyer for the Centre.

Communications network meeting November 2019
Communications network meeting November 2019

“EuroHealthNet has an important role in informing, analysing, and connecting different areas of policy and public health practice. Its work on the European Semester – the EU’s annual cycle of economic and social policy coordination, sustainability, and the connections between public health and the environment have been particularly useful.”

Dr Frank Lehman (Senior Advisor at the Federal Centre for Health Promotion and Health Education (BZgA), Germany)


Disseminating reliable, evidence-based and timely information

In times when information is plentiful, so is disinformation. EuroHealthNet prides itself on advocating for health equity based on scientific evidence and the expertise of its members.

The facts about health inequalities in Europe

This year, we updated our popular factsheet on health inequalities in Europe. Presented in an easy to understand style, the 4-page overview explains today’s status and causes of inequalities, and proposes some solutions for greater health equity in Europe.

HI factsheet graphic 2

Health Highlights

The monthly Health Highlights digital newsletter covers the most important updates in the field of public health and health equity in Europe. We deliver news about public health developments, what is happening in our partner agencies, developments at EU institutions and agencies, as well as international developments and the latest publications to more than 8,000 mailboxes. Over the last year, 10 editions have been sent.

Health Inequalities in Europe

Health Inequalities in Europe

Telling your story

Sharing stories from Europe’s public health community

Last year, EuroHealthNet published two new editions of the online EuroHealthNet Magazine. The Magazine features stories from within the EuroHealthNet partnership and beyond.

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    Articles provide readers with insight into the developments in specific public health areas and how common issues are addressed in different contexts. The Magazine continues to be popular and saw a X percent growth in readership over the past year.

    This year, the Magazine had its first themed edition. The spring edition consisted of 12 articles on promoting health and wellbeing specifically among children and young people. It covered promising practices, as well as innovative research and EU policies.

    As research increasingly lays bare the intersectoral nature of public health, the Magazine provides members with an opportunity to share how they are tackling interdisciplinary challenges. It serves as a useful resource of best practices that protect the health of vulnerable groups, as is demonstrated by the enduring popularity of articles from previous editions.

What COVID-19 has taught us about inequality and the sustainability of health systems

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across Europe, and as citizens and politicians ask questions about the future of health systems, social protection and governance, EuroHealthNet produced a video explaining the perspective of our members: it’s time to make the changes long discussed. Certain members of our societies are disproportionally affected by crises. Investments must be made in health promotion and prevention, and we must recognise that health begins and ends outside the health care sector – it is in the community.

COVID-19 graphic

Making our expertise heard and working with the media

Press 1

EuroHealthNet helps shape the narrative around health, equity, and the determinants of health. It helps to unify and strengthen members’ voices on the international stage.

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    Following the European Elections and the appointment of new European Commissioners, we prepared a ‘welcome package’ for the new legislators. This information pack offered help and advice to achieve best possible outcomes for the health, equity and wellbeing of EU citizens. We reiterated our commitment in supporting multilateral institutions and Member States in their work on addressing health inequalities, identifying innovative ways of investing in health promotion and disease prevention, as well as contributing to EU-led processes, such as the European Semester, the European Pillar for Social Rights, and the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

    EuroHealthNet directs its expertise and advocates for greater health equity by issuing statements, joint letters and articles describing the partnership’s position on legislative developments and other relevant matters. Over the last year, 13 such statements were issued. Topics covered included European food policy, healthcare access for marginalised people, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, work/life balance, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable groups, children and families, and mental health.

    When important developments for health equity occur, news releases are used to inform the public. Over the last year, 12 releases were sent out to raise awareness on, among other things, the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups, new tools such as our Policy Precis on digital health literacy, and the analysis of the European Semester from a health equity perspective.

    As the EuroHealthNet partnership is widely-known for its expertise on health equity, its statements and news releases are regularly picked up by the media and other organisations. For instance, our seminar on the role of health care professionals in addressing health inequalities and the related statement was picked up by many media outlets. Over the last year, we have featured in channels such as Politico (Europe), Il Sole 25 Ore (Italy), and many Spanish publications.


Reliable and accessible information online

In this digital age, there is no scarcity of information and expertise about public health and health equity. However, information is often dispersed, and it can be difficult to distinguish between reliable information and disinformation. As the European expert in health equity, EuroHealthNet provides reliable and accessible information about public health and health equity in Europe.

  • Read More hosts information about the partnership and its outputs. Here, users can find an overview of the members of the partnership, read about the work of the Policy, Research and Practice platforms, and learn about opportunities to attend EuroHealthNet events or hear the partnership speak. Visitors can also freely access EuroHealthNet’s resources, such as Policy Précis and Fact Sheets, videos, and policy briefings.

    Our two other websites serve as a collection of available resources on specific topics.  ‍ contains good practices and an overview of EU initiatives and resources for healthy and active ageing. provides data and specific information about health inequalities in each Member State, information about financing and European funding to tackle health inequalities, and databases of policies, projects, and publications.

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