CIRI also evaluates European projects, supporting consortia’s performance and collectively identifying ad responding to problems. It successfully evaluated the ReTHI project, which aimed to develop regional action plans to reduce health inequalities. It is currently involved in evaluating active and health ageing strategies in three Italian regions and in Slovenia.

For more information, members and partners can contact EuroHealthNet Managing Director Caroline Costongs.

This project, co-ordinated by ARS Marche, aims to develop guidelines to support the implementation of integrated strategies to promote active aging initiatives.

It takes a multidisciplinary approach to support active ageing, focusing in particular on employment, participation in society and independent living, and supports mutual learning among a range of stakeholders. It involves the regions of Apulia, Marche and Veneto, and is supported by several other organisations.

The project will: analyse the European and regional contexts for active ageing policies, conduct a needs assessment to identify the policy requirements of the elderly population itself, conduct round tables for policy makers, organise mutual learning events to share good practices, and produce European policy guidelines addressed to European regional/local authorities.

  • The project website is available here