What is the European Centre for Innovation, Research & Implementation in Health & Wellbeing (CIRI)

CIRI is EuroHealthNet’s research-oriented arm. It aims to promote evidence-based approaches to health and wellbeing across all groups in society. Members include leading centres of research and public health who are committed to improving the uptake of evidence in policy making processes.

CIRI builds on EuroHealthNet’s extensive experience working in the EU policy environment, close links to policy makers at national and European levels, and co-ordination of European research projects such as INHERIT, GRADIENT and DRIVERS. EuroHealthNet’s approach to improving uptake of research in policy making processes is informed by a wide-ranging systematic review of the academic and grey literature carried out for DRIVERS; this systematic review was subsequently published by the Milbank Quarterly.

Benefits of membership

  • Being part of a network of leading and like-minded researchers who wish to see their evidence considered and used in policy processes;
  • Opportunities to exchange knowledge and collaborate between partners;
  • Advice on knowledge transfer and translation in the EU context;
  • Updates of upcoming Horizon 2020 research calls concerning health inequalities and the social determinants of health;
  • Opportunities to work together as part of funded research consortia;
  • Receive Health Highlights, a newsletter on issues related to health equity
  • Promotion of your work in Health Highlights, the EuroHealthNet magazine, on the website, and on Twitter;
  • Opportunity to join one or more Technical Working Groups (Tobacco; non communicable diseases; healthy ageing; health systems; mental health; sustainable development)
  • Other possibilities include organisation of mutual learning events, collaboration at conferences, placements at EuroHealthNet in Brussels.

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Contact Monica Aberg-Yngwe, EuroHealthNet's Senior Research Coordinator.