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National Focal Points for EU programmes, instruments and networks

The 2021-2027 EU budget offers many opportunities to access funding and technical support that can be used to address the underlying causes of ill-health and health inequalities. Engaging with EU tools such as the European Social Fund+, Horizon Europe, EU4Health, and Erasmus+ can provide new avenues for investment in the social determinants of health, health equity and wellbeing.

One way in which the EU aims to mobilise a better understanding of these financing mechanisms within national contexts is through the establishment of 'National Focal Points', or contact persons, across Member States. The scope of such focal points is to create closer collaboration between the European Commission and national entities interested in mobilising EU funds or initiatives for ground-level implementation. This could be particularly useful for public health authorities and Health Ministries, as an avenue to further explore and utilise EU processes which support investments in public health.


Providing a platform for communication and collaboration

EuroHealthNet has developed a targeted guide of National Focal Points for the main EU programmes and networks relevant to health, to facilitate better accessibility for public health authorities to expert support which is tailored to their respective national contexts. Through this guide, EuroHealthNet seeks to centralise existing databases that will comprise of publicly available information on the national contact points in both EU programmes and networks.

EuroHealthNet maintains regular contact with focal points from other EU and WHO Europe programmes through its various activities and projects.

EuroHealthNet Guide to National Focal Points

Find your National Focal Point for the following EU funding programmes

Find your National Focal Point for the following EU instruments

Find your National Focal point for the following EU networks

EuroHealthNet Members-only service: facilitating contact with other focal points

EuroHealthNet can also offer additional assistance to its membership with outreach efforts to EU/WHO national focal points in cases where contact information is not publicly available.

We currently offer this exclusive Members-only service for the following programmes. Contact the office for more information.

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