Honorary Advisors

Bosse Pettersson

Bosse Pettersson was EuroHealthNet’s President from its founding until 2007, and was subsequently Vice-President until 2017. He was also Senior Public Health Policy Advisor at the National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden.

Over the years, he has worked for several National Commissions, as well as locally and sub-nationally. In 1992, he joined the Swedish National Institute of Public Health (SNIPH) and left as a Deputy Director-General in 2007 when he became a part-time distance senior adviser. Since 1988, he has been a senior guest Lecturer in public health and health promotion at Karolinska institute and other Swedish universities.

Bosse Pettersson has been internationally engaged since the beginning of the 1980’s and has worked with IUHPE-Europe, WHO, Nordic collaboration and development aid. Serving in the Swedish delegation to WHO governing bodies for the Regional Committee in Europe and the World Health Assembly since the beginning of 1990’s, he has also been actively engaged in all global WHO health promotion conferences from Ottawa 1986 to Nairobi 2009. He was appointed as the Swedish focal point for the EU public health programme in 1995 during the preparations for the Swedish EU membership 1996 and onward to 2005.