Policy into Practice

HPE focusses on implementation of effective health promoting policies and practices at all levels from local, municipal and regional to national and European. It does this by:

The European Smoke Free Partnership, which has a collaboration agreement with EuroHealthNet, launched its new online map showing the situation in European states regarding legislation and enforcement following the 2009 EU Council recommendation on smoke free environments. Director Florence Bertolleti-Kemp called for all states to ensure and enforce effective legislation. EC DG SANTE Deputy Director Martin Seychell said the EC review of the follow up to the Recommendation showed generally satisfactory progress but continuing variations between states. EuroHealthNet policy director Clive Needle welcomed the helpful map and the collaboration with SFP. He drew from Mr Seychell an opinion that the clear inequalities between states need to be tackled first, evidence of how to enact and enforce needs to be shared better as part of capacity building, and the new EC Expert Group on tobacco is a useful focal point.  EuroHealthNet will establish its new Tobacco Working Group at its Annual Meeting in Newcastle in June to support this approach, plus help implement the EU Tobacco Products Directive and the draft WHO Europe Roadmap on implementing the global Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

For further information contact Clive Needle

To access the smoke-free map, click here

We link outputs and outcomes from our many EU co-funded Joint Actions and projects with the on the ground experiences and influential work of our participating organisations via our working groups such as on NCDs and healthy ageing.

We also participate in the EU Platform on Diet, Nutrition & Physical Activity, where our annual commitments include support for actions tackling child obesity, monitoring approaches, liaising with partners, and ensuring our participants are informed about evidence based approaches.

We build on the methodologies established in our work and studies on health for all policies to engage and contribute to integrating health improvement into EU and national approaches.

We participate in the WHO Europe Public Health Action Plan and the overall Health 2020 approach via involvement in the overall Advisory Group plus active participation in initiatives within the essential Public Health Operations (EPHOs) agreed by governments.

We particularly work on EPHO 4 (health promotion) which aims to tackle inequities and raise the quality of health promoting services and networks across Europe.

We play a leading role in EPHO 9 (communications, advocacy and social mobilisation) - please see our PHASE sections.