Membership Benefits

By becoming a EuroHealthNet member, you will be automatically member of the three core areas of work of EuroHealthNet:

  • The European Platform for Health and Social Equity  (PHASE)
  • Health Promotion Europe (HPE)
  • The European Centre for Innovation, Research and Implementation for Health and wellbeing (CIRI)
  • You will shape our strategies, work programme and actions in our General Council, and be nominated for our Executive Council.
  • You will enjoy full voting rights in the Executive Council.
  • You will be able to participate in all EuroHealthNet's activities according to your choice. This means you have automatic participation in CIRI and PHASE at no extra cost and receive all benefits of those packages too.

EuroHealthNet in involved in a broad range of European projects and implements projects launched by the European Commission. You status of full member will therefore give you the opportunity to receive support for participation in EuroHealthNet projects held in its three core areas of work.

  • In the framework of Health Promotion Europe (HPE), you will have the possibility to be involved in European Joint Actions aiming to tackle non communicable diseases and health inequalities.

You will also be part of EuroHealthNet policy actions groups, such as the working groups on healthy ageing and non-communicable diseases.

  • In the framework of the European Centre for Innovation, Research and Implementation for Health and Well-being, you will have the possibility to get support for participation in joint research projects, build partnership for joint research funding and get expert support and information in funding applications and on Horizon 2020 guidelines.

EuroHealthNet directly supports and actively contributes to the European policy framework for social investment and innovation, through a direct involvement in high-level EU policy dialogues inside and outside the health domain. You will therefore take part and will therefore access our advocacy activities held at regional, national, European and International levels and will therefore positions papers

  • Policy monitoring: You will be fully informed about the outcomes of EuroHealthNet monitoring health and social determinants related policy at European level.
  • Policy advice: You will be fully informed and involved in the translation fo European policies to national, regional and local levels.
  • Policy influencing: You will fully participate in conveying the work, good practices and concerns at national, regional and local stakeholders to the EU level.
  • Policy briefings: you will be fully informed about the latest EU developments via the elaboration of our regular policy briefings and position papers on European health, research and social policies and projects’ outcomes. 
  • Policy dialogue: EuroHealthNet will open the doors and create opportunities to directly shape the EU agenda through consultations and policy dialogues with EU officials. You will be represented in the existing relevant European Platforms and Fora of the European Commission the Partnership is part of.

EuroHealthNet membership involves networking and exchange of knowledge opportunities and good / promising practices with representatives at international, European, national and regional levels as well as between our members. EuroHealthNet therefore regularly:

  • Information session about funding opportunities.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Convenes study visits hosted by members aiming to inform about the latest developments in the field of health and to foster exchanges of promising / good practices between our members.
  • Webinars.
  • Capacity building seminars.
  • You will receive our valued confidential information - direct to the desktops -  which provides first-hand information about EU project funding and opportunities.
  • You will receive our external newsletter – Health Highlights - informing you about the latest national, European and International developments.
  • Your organisation’s aims and activities will be promoted at European level through the elaboration of our different communication tools targeting directly representatives from the European Institutions: our bi-annual online magazine, our press releases, our newsletters, our videos.