EuroHealthComm is the EuroHealthNet’s internal working group that aims to communicate better at all levels of governance. EuroHealthComm is composed of those people responsible for external communications within the EuroHealthNet partnership. EuroHealthComm multiplies communication campaigns and projects at European and at national, regional and local levels. EuroHealthComm aims to:

  • To improve communications for health at European level and identify Member Agencies’ European communication priorities.
  • To better communicate and disseminate Health issues at  International, European national, regional and local levels levels.
  • To collectively explore the type of support expected from EurohealthNet.
  • To exchange good practices in the field of communications.
  • To explore a coordinated strategy and to put together the different communication tools as a multiplier for messages to be disseminatedat European, national and local levels.

For more information, contact EuroHealthNet's communications coordinator Alexandra Latham