European Forum for Primary Care Conference, Blog by Clive Needle, EuroHealthnet Policy and Advocacy Director

23 September 2014

EuroHealthNet took part in the biannual conference of the European Primary Care Forum held in Barcelona. The purpose was to support the proposed partnership collaboration between the two organisations and to discuss the close and growing links between good approaches in health promotion, community services and primary care.

The conference theme emphasised modern approaches and prospects for primary care in Europe, and although my time there was necessarily limited it provided a good opportunity to meet again with the leaders of the EFPC and to listen to some presentations and debates. I found much of great common interest. For example, as reported within EuroHealthNet partners, the EU Expert Panel on health systems has recently produced a useful opinion on the definition and certain aspects of primary care, and two of the Panel, Drs Jan De Maeseneer & Sarah Thomson were able to explain this to participants. A keynote session and workshops on innovative dimensions of e-health showcased work in Estonia, Scotland and other helpful examples. On all such issues we can find practical ways of learning and working together.

In a joint workshop, I was able to introduce some significant policy and practice opportunities to do that within current EU programmes, particularly the EU Social Investment package and new EU funding programmes. But primarily I welcomed the opportunity to help to moderate a dynamic and practical discussion following an excellent presentation on frameworks for community health and health promotion. This was led by our workshop partners from Belgium: 

  • Hubert Jamart of Fédération des maisons médicales
  • Kim Schutyser of Wijkgezondheidscentrum De Sleep
  • Anna Buyssens of Wijkgezondheidscentrum Brugse Poort

Their presentation and contact details for further information, plus links to all conference inputs, are available here.

EuroHealthNet hopes to take forward this partnership initiative with EFPC and other health care representative bodies as part of our core work within the EU EaSI programme.