10th IUHPE European Conference and International Forum for Health Promotion Research - Trondheim (Norway) (EuroHealthNet participating)

24 September 2018 to 26 September 2018

Implementing Health Promotion in the Life Course - User Involvement in Practice and Research

Health promotion and health promotion research are simultaneously demonstrating vast potential and facing fundamental challenges, one of which is to earn the respect we believe the field deserves. Therefore, the conference aims to strengthen the role of health promotion in Europe as a source of innovative practices that are based on solid evidence by gathering health promotion practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

The conference focuses on two overarching principles. The first is viewing health—and thus solutions to current health problems —in a life course perspective. There is no doubt that each phase of the life span presents a unique and complex set of problems and opportunities on which we need to focus in health promotion. And, just as important, strong evidence exists that interventions early in life are effective health promotion and prevention strategies. Therefore, much can be gained for health promotion by viewing health in a life course perspective.

The second overarching principle is user involvement in health promotion practice and in health promotion research. The time has come to focus on evidence for the effectiveness of approaches integrating this principle. This also implies that we must move from a broad and general use of the principle of involvement and participation to much more nuanced and concrete ways of describing user involvement.

The conference welcomes abstracts for oral presentations, workshops and poster presentations in a number of areas and settings, such as local communities, work places and health services, as well as schools, other educational settings and families.  Whether you are involved in health promotion practice, research, or policy, we hope you can join us in revitalizing the field of health promotion and research, and setting a new direction for health promotion in Europe, in Trondheim in September 2018.

The Conference is jointly organised by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education and the NTNU Center for Health Promotion Research

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