12th European Public Health Conference - Marseille, France - EuroHealthNet plenary

20 November 2019 to 23 November 2019


The annual EPH conference is the largest public health event in Europe, with delegates including researchers, policymakers, practitioners and educators in public health and many other related fields.

The main theme of the 12th EPH conference, held in Marseille (FR), is "Building bridges for solidarity and public health". The conference will address: 

  • Building bridges migration in a planetary context.
  • Solidarity for public health – integrating poverty, conflict and other threats to health.
  • How can the Sustainable Development Goals contribute to the challenges of changing populations?
  • New roles for public health practice.
  • Building global bridges between public health communities.

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EuroHealthNet opening plenary session: Social inequalities and migrant inclusion in urban settings: a call for changing public health practice

EuroHelathNet will host the opening plenary session on 'Social inequalities and migrant inclusion in urban settings: a call for changing public health practice'

More than half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, and urbanisation has significant impacts on the whole of society. Cities are major destinations for internal and external migration alike. Access to services, affordable housing, and quality employment in urban areas are challenges common to all vulnerable populations, including migrants. These difficult circumstances – and rising inequalities – have strained social inclusion efforts across Europe. In this environment, policymakers, civil society actors, and community advocates must work collaboratively and creatively across sectors to improve health and social outcomes not only for migrants, but for all vulnerable populations in urban environments. How can public health practitioners adapt their services to this context and to address the needs of migrants? Can public health improve its integration with other social services to fight inequalities?

This session will attempt to address these and related critical questions, discussing major issues in the field of health equity, migrant health and urban planning while highlighting inspiring case studies.