9th European Public Health Conference - All for Health, Health for All

09 November 2016 to 12 November 2016

9th European Public Health Conference
9 - 12 November 2016
Austria Center Vienna


The theme for the 9th EPH Conference is ‘All for Health, Health for All’. A healthy population is a key requirement for the achievement of society’s goals. Good health for all enhances quality of life, improves workforce productivity, increases the capacity for learning, strengthens families and communities, supports sustainable habitats and environments, and contributes to security, poverty reduction and social inclusion. Reducing inequalities improves health and well-being for all. However, escalating costs for treatment and care are placing unsustainable burdens on national and local resources such that broader developments may be held back.This relation between health, well-being and economic development has been propelled up the political agenda of all countries. Increasingly, communities, employers and industries are expecting and demanding strong coordinated government action to promote health in all sectors of society and avoid duplication and fragmentation of actions. Through the plenary sessions, this vision is further explored.

Plenary Sessions

1. From Ottawa to Vienna: 30 years of the Ottawa Charter
In November 2016 we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ottawa Charter, launched as a series of actions among international health organisations, national governments and local communities to achieve the goal of ‘Health for All’ through better health
promotion. At the Vienna Conference we will present an updated version as the Vienna Charter. This first plenary session, organised by the initiator of the conference EUPHA (European Public Health Association), focuses on the question ‘From Ottawa to Vienna: 30 years of the Ottawa Charter: Where are we now and where should we go?’

2. Health for All
In this second plenary session we highlight the importance of good health and access to health care for all. Speakers of international standing will discuss in a round table the challenges for Health for All from different perspectives: sexual and gender
minorities, ethnic minority populations, undocumented migrants.

3. All for Health
The third plenary session looks outside the traditional fields of public health. Are other fields aware that their work has an impact on health? For instance: corporate public health, urban planning and its impact on health, law enforcement and public health.

4. Health Technologies
Health technologies, E-health, telemedicine, IT solutions (health apps, smart watches, etc.), ambient assisted technology – ambient assisted living: Where does that lead to? How is it related to the health care system? What are contributions towards health literacy?

5. Achieving health in fragmented systems
This session explores the relation between new forms of cooperation, social solidarity, insurance and health promotion from an international perspective.

More information on the EPHC is available here.