ETUC-ETUI conference: Towards a new socio-ecological contract

03 February 2021 to 05 February 2021

The online conference organised by ETUI-ETUC seeks to understand not only the challenges before us but also to identify what we can do today and tomorrow in order to establish a new social, economic and environmental contract. What targets or objectives should be set, and how might they be reached? How can we create a sustainable European growth model? How can we reverse the trend towards growing inequalities? What kind of Green New Deal is a realistic and feasible prospect for Europe? What elements of justice, solidarity and equity constitute a fair and sustainable social foundation? What are the roles of the market, the state, industry and civil society? And what role can trade unions play to build a sustainable future that addresses all of these dimensions? 

There will be interpretation in English / en français / en español.

More information on the event is available here