Eurodiaconia, AGE Platform Europe and EuroHealthNet co-organise the conference "Supporting quality integrated care"

18 November 2014

Eurodiaconia, AGE Platform Europe and EuroHealthNet are pleased to invite you to a half day conference hosted by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on the 18th November 2014, 14.00-17.30. We would like to reflect on benefits and challenges of developing integrated care services, promote mutual learning and examine what further work could be carried out at EU level in this field.

People who have multiple care needs usually receive health and social care services from different providers and in different care settings. Health and social care providers have experienced that this often happens without appropriate co-ordination or a holistic approach, leading to problems for the service user, family and increased costs to care systems.

As the EU population ages, more people will require care and more cost pressure will be put on social protection systems. Integrated and coordinated care is one method  to meet these challenges, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. This was highlighted as an area where government needs to take action by the "Joint Report on adequate social protection for long-term care needs in an ageing society", endorsed by Employment and Social Affairs ministers in June this year.

Testimonies from services users will be given and examples of good practice from the political to the organisational levels will be shared for discussion. A panel of representatives from the EU institutions will discuss ideas for next steps at EU level.

An invitation with a draft agenda will be available shortly. For any questions please contact Laura Jones