EuroHealthNet Communication Network Meeting

08 October 2020

EuroHealthNet is hosting its second EuroHealthNet Communications Network meeting on 8 October 2020 - this time online.  

This year we will discuss:

  • What did you learn from the first wave of COVID-19?
  • What will you do differently now and during the winter?
  • What resources can be shared with and would be helpful to get from the group?
  • What support can the EuroHealthNet office give you?

Agenda (10:00 - 11:00):

  • Welcome, updates, information, opportunities from EuroHealthNet¬†
  • Tour de table: the one big lesson we learnt and will take forward
  • Group discussion
  • Final moment: Next steps

The Communications Network meeting can be attended by EuroHealthNet members. For more information, please contact Chantal Verdonschot.