EuroHealthNet General Council Meeting and Annual Seminar - Madrid, Spain

04 June 2019 to 06 June 2019
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The EuroHealthNet 2019 Annual General Council Meeting and seminar will take place in Madrid, Spain from Tuesday June 4th to Thursday June 6th, hosted by our Spanish national member, the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare.

Take action: the role of health professionals in addressing health equity

Seminar, Tuesday 4 June 2019 – Madrid. Open to all.

Health professionals – as the front-line and face of the health system – are key actors in helping address health inequalities. How can their training and working environments support them to help people facing disadvantages live longer and healthier lives?

The Annual EuroHealthNet Seminar will address these issues in relation to the wider public health and social workforce. Participants will discuss and explore new solutions to tackling health inequalities, including integrated community-based approaches, adaptations to health professionals’ training, and good practice initiatives such as social prescribing. We will also consider the need to collect and interpret data, helping to forecast health equity and disease burden trends. These topics are increasingly important as European societies – including health professionals – will need to adapt to rapid technological, economic, and demographic shifts which threaten to increase health inequalities.

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General Council Meeting

5-6 June. Open to members, associate members, and observers.

For an updated programme of our General Council Meeting and seminar please click here.

During our Annual meeting we plan to organise a brokerage/marketplace session, during which members will be able to present one of your programmes/policies/projects, get feedback from other participants, and identify and partner-up with similar initiatives from elsewhere in Europe. We will also provide an exhibition space for publications and other materials. 

Members can register here for both the seminar and general council meeting. On the registration form, you will need to provide a passport or ID number. This is necessary to be able to enter the ministry building where the seminar and meeting will take place. Please be sure to use the same ID or Passport that you will have with you at the meeting.

For information on  booking accomodation, please contact David Hargitt.