EuroHealthNet participates in CHRODIS Joint Action stakeholders conference

24 October 2014

On 24th October 2014, the coordination team and work package leaders of CHRODIS Joint Action holds a Stakeholder Forum in Madrid, Spain. The aim is to build an external cooperation network that stakeholders from relevant areas can join and participate in. The Forum will bring together collaborating partners representing related projects and initiatives as well as policymakers, managers and patients representatives among others from across Europe.

Participants will be informed about the Joint Action and its activities. They are also invited to give advice on the needs of users, investors and regulators in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and multimorbidity to the core working groups of JA-CHRODIS. The Forum will  facilitate the exchange of information and experience in these areas between the stakeholders themselves as well.

The European Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and Promoting Healthy Ageing across the Life Cycle (CHRODIS-JA) aims to promote and facilitate a process of exchange and transfer of good practices between European countries and regions, addressing chronic conditions, with a specific focus on health promotion and prevention of chronic conditions, multi-morbidity and diabetes. Health promotion and prevention will focus on behavioural risk factor, social determinants and inequalities in health.EuroHealthNet leads on dissemination and co-leads, along with its German Member – The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) - a work strand that focusses on the identification, selection and implementation of good practices in this field. This Joint Action is part of the EU Health programme 2008-2013 aiming to include projects that aim to contribute to increase healthy life years and to promote healthy ageing. 

For more information and to register, click here or contact EuroHealthNet Health Promotion Manager, Ingrid Stegeman