EuroHealthNet Policy and Strategy meeting (Members-only)

24 February 2021

The EuroHealthNet Partnership looks forward to supporting collective efforts to foster a successful and fair exit from the pandemic and to build societies resilient to health, social and climate crises.

The policy environment is changing quickly. With this meeting EuroHealthNet aimed to inform members about the changes happening at the international level, and to seek input on how we should shape our collaborative work.          

This meeting provided members with unique insights in recent EU and WHO policy developments and funding opportunities and lay the groundwork for EuroHealthNet's 2021 policy and advocacy activities, and beyond.

For more information about the meeting, please contact David Hargitt (

Background Briefings:

European Health Union

EU Funding for Health

WHO European Programme of Work



Artur Furtado - European Health Union, Challenges and Priorities

Caroline Costongs - EU Funding programmes

Mariana Dyakova - EuroHealthNet and the WHO European Programme of Work

Stephen Barnett - Feedback from the External Evaluation

Report of the meeting