EuroHealthNet study visit 2015 Gothenburg, Sweden - “Health and social equity – knowledge, capability and commitment”

06 October 2015 to 08 October 2015

EuroHealthNet organises a study visit with its Swedish members and partners on health equity and social sustainability, together with an understanding of the social determinants of health paints a very broad picture for what public health work should or could include.

In Sweden this has been a question of discussion for a long time, in different sectors and on different levels of the public organization. This has resulted in new arenas for collaborations and new ways of understanding the concept of ‘health in all policies’. From our perspective it’s essential to understand that education and employment as well as social inclusion and equity is part of our public health work.

The aim of the study visit in Gothenburg is to give time for discussions and facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise and to present examples from public health work at national, regional and local level in Sweden.

The study visit will focus on the three concepts knowledge, capability and commitment. Themes we see as fundaments for working towards social sustainability and health equity. But to try to make the program as relevant as possible for the participants we will try to find a way to discuss the more concrete questions of mental  health/well-being for social inclusion, using structural funds and lastly social investment and innovations. These questions will then be addressing the concepts of knowledge, capability and commitment during the course of the study visit.

For more information, contact EuroHealthNet Programme Manager Anne Pierson