Lifepath Final Meeting - Geneva, Switzerland

26 March 2019 to 27 March 2019

Lifepath is coming to an end and their members are ready to present the main outcomes of the project. The final meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 26th and 27th, at the Foundation Louis-Jeantet, with the aim of summarizing policy-relevant science from Lifepath and identifying policy options to support a healthy life course.
Healthy ageing is an achievable goal for society and – by improving the understanding of the mechanisms through which healthy ageing pathways diverge based on socioeconomic position – Lifepath members chase two goals: to link the social and biomedical sciences to understand the causal effects of low socioeconomic position on poor health and aging; and to provide updated, relevant and innovative evidence for healthy ageing policies.
For this reason, the meeting in Geneva will be a chance to initiate an evidence-based discussion of how social variables can be used for risk identification, underpinning stratified preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. It will involve representatives from a number of stakeholders, including WHO, OECD, NGOs and Ministries of several European countries.

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