Public Communication, an Effective Tool to Enhance Access to Health Information - Webinar

19 March 2021

“Public Communication, an Effective Tool to Enhance Access to Health Information”


Maharat Foundation is pleased to invite you to a digital dialogue session on the Zoom platform entitled “Public Communication, an Effective Tool to Enhance Access to Health Information”, on Friday, March 19, at 3 pm Beirut time (GMT+2).

Access to health information is essential to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, but social and economic inequality affects the ability of all segments of society to access this information. The discussion will revolve around the need for governments to be transparent with regard to their strategies and measures to combat the pandemic, including reducing disproportionate impacts of these strategies on disadvantaged groups and ensuring access to necessary health information and services for all. This can be done in part through effective communication strategies that enhance the ability of journalists and civil society to access information and demand accountability.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Tamar Kabakian, Associate Professor and Researcher at the College of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut, to discuss the conclusions of the paper analyzing the social context of health information and false news during Covid 19 in Lebanon, and the efforts of public communication in Lebanon to contain the epidemic.
  • Lina Abu Murad, Director of the E-Health Program at the Ministry of Public Health, on the ministry's efforts to enhance access to information to all groups, including the most marginalized, challenges and lessons learned.
  • Raquel Fernandez, Director of External Communications at UNICEF and Luca Solemio, Head of Communication for Development at UNICEF, on the communication and networking strategy with sectors aimed at enhancing access to health information, challenges and lessons learned.
  • Prof. Terje Andreas Eikemo, Director of the Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research (CHAIN), a research center in Norway that brings together academia, the United Nations system, civil society and the private sector to ensure a balance between research, policies and practices, especially in the field of public health and inequality, to discuss COVID-19’s impact on existing health inequalities in Europe and internationally, and the importance of health literacy as a ‘social vaccine’ against COVID-19.

The meeting will issue a series of recommendations to enhance the right to access information and public communication efforts to enable all groups of society to make healthy decisions that contribute to the elimination of the pandemic. Live translation between Arabic and English will be available throughout the dialogue.

This session comes within a series of meetings that Maharat will hold in cooperation with EuroHealthNet, the European Partnership for Health, Equity and Wellbeing, within the framework of the regional program for the Mediterranean Dialogue for Rights and Equality funded by the European Union.

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