Smart investments? Let’s talk prevention. Innovative financing and investments for health promotion

05 June 2018

Smart investments? Let’s talk prevention. Innovative financing and investments for health promotion

This seminar will address strategic investments for health promotion and disease prevention in Member States and at EU level.  How can the shift to prevention and promotion be financed? How can available funds and untapped resources be used for health promotion? What actions within and outside the health system could support system change?

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Effectively addressing health inequalities and their underlying causes, and providing universal health coverage, present challenges for health systems in the EU. The unprecedented rise of chronic diseases, with mounting levels of multi-morbidity and disability, pose further challenges to the sustainability of health systems.  

Investing in health is an effective and sustainable way of investing in human development, social well-being, and wealth. This fact has increasingly been acknowledged over the last ten years since the adoption of the Tallinn Charter on Health Systems for Health and Wealth. However, it is still not reflected in current levels of spending on health, health promotion, and disease prevention.

How can we ensure clever use of available funds for health promotion? How can social impact investments work for health promotion? How can we set up innovative structures to fund health promotion? How can public-private-partnerships work for public health and health promotion? What specific actions can Member States take to shift investments towards prevention? These are just some of the questions for our lively and interactive debate. Interventions and participation from senior representatives of EU and international institutions, EU Member States, policy makers, public health community and stakeholders from social, economic and environmental sustainability fields will make this a not-to-miss event.

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