Social investment in Europe: Research Seminar

29 January 2019

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team welcomes researchers, analysts and policy-makers to discuss the latest empirical research on social investment.

Focus of the seminar: social investment
Social investment intends to strengthen people’s skills and capacities and support them to participate fully in employment and social life.

Key policy areas include education, quality childcare, long-term care, healthcare, training, job-search assistance, rehabilitation, linked to unemployment benefits and social assistance and housing.


  • Anton Hemerijck, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, European University Institute
  • Bruno Palier, Professor, Sciences Po Paris
  • Ides Nicaise, Professor and Research manager, KU Leuven (HIVA)
  • David McDaid, Research Fellow, London School of Economics and EuroHealthNet.
  • Julian Garritzmann, Senior researcher, European University Institute (EUI) & University of Zurich
  • Vincent Bakker, PhD Candidate, Leiden University
  • Bru Laín, Policymaker and Researcher, Barcelona City Council

The SSM seminar series
SSM seminars are research seminars. Their aim is to provide a forum to discuss the theoretical, methodological and policy implications of the latest economic and social research. More specifically, SSM seminars aim to inform:

  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission in general, and the Commission’s Employment and Social Developments in Europe review in particular.
  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission’s stakeholders.
  • The economic and social policies of the European Commission and its stakeholders.

SSM seminars are primarily intended for:

  • Economists and analysts working in policy-making organisations;
  • Academic researchers;
  • Policy officers with an interest in economic and social analysis.
  • More information on previous SSM seminars 

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