"Championing a healthier and fairer Europe" - EuroHealthNet's Annual Report 2015-2016

EuroHealthNet is pleased to present its Annual Report 2015-2016, Championing a healthier and fairer Europe.

As the challenges current societies face become more complex, so does EuroHealthNet’s work. This report provides a thorough overview of our activities and achievements over the past year – a period in which our network has expanded and has reinforced its commitment towards our mission of helping individuals and societies in the EU thrive and keep the core values of health equity, justice and solidarity.

In the report you will find highlights of activities and achievements in EU policy monitoring and advocacy, project development and implementation, providing membership services and facilitating useful exchanges and capacity building. This report also offers in-depth insights into the work developed in each of our three pillars – HPE, PHASE and CIRI – while showing the collaboration and synergies between them, echoing the holistic and integrated approaches for which we advocate in our daily work.

The positive outcomes documented in this report result from the strong cooperation between EuroHealthNet and its members and partners, international organisations, EU institutions and stakeholders alike. EuroHealthNet appreciates these partnerships and looks forward to continuing to work towards health equity and wellbeing.

EuroHealthNet’s 2015-2016 Annual Report Championing a healthier and fairer Europe can be downloaded here.