Chronic diseases and healthy ageing: Experts are joining forces in Madrid

Today, the first Stakeholder Forum of the Joint Action CHRODIS (JA-CHRODIS) (see notes to editors 1 & 2) is being held in the Institute of Health Carlos III in Madrid (Spain). Participants will learn about the initiative and be able to contribute to its activities by advising on the needs of users, regulators and the private sector in relation to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and multimorbidity. The Forum will facilitate the exchange of information and experience between those implementing the Joint Action and its stakeholders, such as policymakers, managers and patients’ representatives from across Europe.

Juan Riese, coordinator of JA-CHRODIS, says “the Forum provides an excellent opportunity to engage the wider public in our work and to build an external cooperation network. This is a first step towards making a real impact with our work on the ground.”

Coinciding with the Stakeholder Forum, JA-CHRODIS is presenting its website ( where interested parties can not only find up-to-date information on JA-CHRODIS but also relevant news on the latest European developments in the areas of chronic diseases and healthy ageing. In addition, the website is the go-to-place for all stakeholders to download and view all documentation and outputs of the Joint Action. In the coming weeks, the first country reviews of national health promotion and primary prevention systems, a task led by EuroHealthNet, will be made available.  

In Europe today, 4 out of 5 people over 65 suffer from at least one chronic disease like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. 65% of this age group suffers from multimorbidity, i.e. two or more chronic diseases. This number rises to 85% for the 85-year-old group.[1] The treatment of chronic diseases demands 70-80% of healthcare budgets.

Caroline Costongs, Managing Director at EuroHealthNet, states that “77% of chronic diseases are largely preventable but only 3% of healthcare budgets are currently spent on prevention.[2] Through our involvement in JA-CHRODIS, EuroHealthNet is bringing the need for more and better investments in health promotion and primary prevention to the attention of European and national institutions and policy-makers and demonstrating how more effective action can take place.”

The European Commission, specifically through its flagship initiative European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, aims to improve the healthy lifespan of European citizens by two years by 2020. JA-CHRODIS is designed to contribute to this goal.


For more information

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  • Download the agenda of the Stakeholder Forum here.  


[1] See here

[2] World Health Organisation, Gaining health. The European Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, 2006