Conference - Alcohol harms you, others and the society - why does Europe need an alcohol strategy?? 27 June 2012

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance, Eurocare, organises an event on the future of EU Alcohol Strategy, organised in cooperation with Eurohealthnet, European Transport Safety Council, European Council Leagues and hosted by Anna Hedh (S&D, Sweden), Member of the European Parliament, on 27 June 2012.

  • The current EU Alcohol Strategy is coming to an end in 2012. However, Europe is still the world's heaviest drinking region- 12.5 litre of pure alcohol. Alcohol is the world's number one risk factor for ill-health and premature death amongst the 25 59 year old age group, a core of the working age population;
  • Alcohol related harm is 1 of the 4 top risk factors for developing NCDs such as cancer and cardiovascular disease;
  • Social costs attributable to alcohol account for €155.8 billion in Europe.

Due to the size of the problem and universal impact this problem requires a comprehensive, coordinated response from policy and decision makers at the European and national levels. This event will build on the Call for Action from 88 health and social NGOs from across Europe and will be an opportunity to address the issue in the European Parliament to ensure continuation of the efforts to tackle alcohol related harm.

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