For EPHAC, the legislative package "CAP towards 2020" does not go far enough

Today, the Commission published their vision for the Common Agriculture Policy towards 2020. The European Public Health and Agriculture Consortium (EPHAC) welcomes the European Commission’s recognition of the urgent challenges of climate change and increasing pressure on the world’s resources. However, EPHAC believes the proposals largely ignore public health and do not go far enough towards a truly sustainable food and farming policy.

The Commission Communication on the CAP in November included public health as a priority and recognised the increasing focus on nutrition and sustainable consumption as part of the larger societal issues that CAP must deliver on.” said Clive Needle, Chair of the European Public Health and Agriculture Consortium and Director of EuroHealthNet. “The legislative package presented today does not go far enough or adequately address the radical changes that will need to be made in production and consumption to address the challenges of chronic disease, climate change and feeding an increasing global population adequately, equitably and sustainably.