Equity Action - Conference “Addressing health inequalities 2014 and beyond: building cohesion and strengthening health for growth”

Major event on how the EU Social Investment Package can support healthy and active ageing in Slovenia

Equity Action is the EU funded Joint Action on Health Inequalities in which EuroHealthNet has played a leading role for its duration over three years. The final open public conference is on 23 January which aims to:

  • Showcase the results of the Joint Action on health inequalities 'Equity Action'
  • Assess progress on addressing health inequalities in the EU.
  • Consider opportunities and priorities for action.

Keynote speakers include health ministers from the Greek Presidency, England as the JEA Contract Holder, Belgium, Finland, Ireland and Spain; WHO Europe Director Zsuzsunna Jakab; EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg and Social Policy Director Dr Lieve Fransen; Professors Sir Michael Marmot and Kate Pickett; and a host of other national, regional and international experts and participants in the Joint Action will be involved, including many EuroHealthNet member agencies, directors and secretariat.

In the context of the project, EuroHealthNet elaborated a report on how European Structural Funds applied to tackle health inequalities in 2007-2013. Public health decision makers must recognise the potential of Structural Funds to help re-orient health and social systems to deliver sustainable services that contribute to health equity and adopt a strategic approach to exploit this potential. The Equity Action report makes the case for why health (equity) is integral to societies' economic and social development and investigates what is needed to address health inequalities at the subnational level. The second part of the report focuses on EU Structural Funds, and provides practical tips and recommendations on how public health actors can use this important EU Funding mechanism to improve health and ensure a better distribution of health across society.

Equity Action has worked to strengthen the effectiveness of policy making and strategic actions to reduce health inequalities at member state, regional and EU levels. Work has included:

  • developing expertise in Health Impact Assessment and Health Equity Audit
  • improving the impact that structural funds have on tackling health inequalities
  • strengthening regional strategies to tackle health inequalities
  • broadening the evidence base on key issues such debt and financial insecurity
  • sharing good practice on stakeholder engagement to tackle health inequality together


  • For more information about the conference, click here
  • The conference proceedings will be streamed live in English, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Italian via the web link.
  • The conference can be followed via Twitter at #equityaction
  • To access the New Equity Action report on the use of Structural Funds for health equity, click here


For more information, contact Ingrid Stegeman