EuroHealthNet and Tuscany Region organise the study visit on intersectoral approaches for Active and Healthy Ageing

On the 16th and 17th October 2014, together with the Tuscany Region, EuroHealthNet co-hosts a study visit for its members and partners on the topic of Inter-sectorial approaches for active and healthy ageing.

The study aims to provide an overview of the current EU environment for work on healthy ageing, with presentations on the European innovation partnership on active and healthy ageing (EIP-AHA) and on the AFE-INNOVNET and IROHLA projects in which EuroHealthNet is involved. After the initial introduction all participants will be able to present and discuss their countries and initiatives.

The study visit provides opportunities for each participant to present and exchange on inter-sectorial initiatives on active and healthy ageing as well as on challenges and solutions. The main objective of this visit is to identify and discuss new models of collaboration between public and private stakeholders active in the fields of research, health and ICT as well as their enablers and barriers. The sessions will focus on current policies and research and innovation. To give it a more positive spin, we will also look at seniors and ageing as an opportunity and a resource for the society. The study visit is chaired by the former EuroHealthNet president David Pattison.

For more information, contact EuroHealthNet Advocacy and Healthy Ageing coordinator Karoline Noworyta